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Having a responsive and fast website is essential these days. Old Salt can help to optimise your website to be lightning fast.

Is your website slow?

Is your website slow? Is it failing to provide a useful service and ‘shopfront’ for your business? Not only can this be frustrating for your customers but it could also be having negative effects on your search rankings and visibility on search tools like Google.

We can provide a site audit for you with benchmarks of how well your website is performing and also suggest ways that your website can be optimised to load lightning fast.

Optimise your website

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are a specific set of factors that Google considers vital to your webpage’s overall user experience. It’s a measure that Google has implemented to measure how your website stacks up for user experience. Generally speaking this is determined by how quickly your website loads for users and how accessible it is.

This measurement is now officially influencing your search rankings. Your website’s speed and accessibility will actually start affecting your rank in search results.

We can review your website’s current core web vitals and help you to improve them so you retain or improve your search ranking.

Core Web Vitals

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